At Issue

The accumulated wisdom of Gus Wen Tah : Two Row Wampum : Peace, Trust, Friendship; and, the Covenant Chain established a lasting legacy of mutual respect amongt indigenous Peoples.
It is time to test the HBC Charter and the evolution of the 1867 British North America Act; in conjunction with the 1776 founding of the United States of America. Note : Riverton 2014 , the Tecumseh Protocol 1999 and HTG v Canada 2009.
Further, these events will be compared to the UN recognition of the state of Israel as a considered humanitarian gesture founded upon original indigenous Peoples claim to land title.

The purpose of this test is to establish an evolving social contract protocol; through which the global community may prepare the binary governance regimes for century XXII.

The continuous 10,000 year old House of Hwuneem shall serve as the original indigenous Peoples claim as the paramount state nation challenging the House of Windsor for dominion of Turtle Island North / Canada and North America.

The Short Links will assist in unfolding the logic of these adverse contentions between Stitumatulwut Hwuneem and Elizabeth II.